We recognize that every project is different, which is why we will approach your home with a fresh perspective and strive for a unique and personal outcome. Our HDB interior design contractors will fulfill all of your requirements and turn your humble flat into a warm and cosy home for your family, regardless of your budget or practical needs.


Our company is united by a passion for interior design. As your fully certified HDB interior design company in Singapore, we will assist you in gaining a new perspective on how you use your living space and will go above and beyond your expectations. You may view examples of our interior designs and get a better understanding of what we can help you achieve by looking through our records of previous works.



For almost 15 years, our services have been centered on creativity, practicality, and versatility. We work on a wide range of residential and commercial projects, ranging from simple restorations to large-scale HDB interior design transformations, blending form and function with great competence. Aegro is the company of choice in Singapore with vast knowledge in HDB interior design and BTO (Build to Order) flat renovations, with a comprehensive range of innovative solutions accessible. See our previous projects:

Our HDB Interior Design

Even the smallest apartments may look more spacious and tidy with good HDB interior design. As you settle into a new chapter and potentially plan to have a family, our interior design firm works with you to transform your flat into a distinctive and lively home that meets your needs and grows with you.


There’s also an in-house carpentry team who collaborates with the HDB interior designer to create custom furniture that blends in seamlessly with the overall design scheme. Our interior design company can help you refresh the design of older or poorly-maintained HDB resale apartments to create a modern and contemporary area adapted to your needs, depending on the condition of your HDB resale flat.


Coping With Different Preferences

In order to identify zones and activities that take place in each zone, we analyze your space and create a plan that outlines them. To ensure that people can move efficiently and naturally, it also depicts how they will move across the complete living space.


Even if the space you have is restricted, we examine the areas you would like to have, such as a home office, personal fitness room or game room, and build a useful space in your interior. We make certain that the spaces you plan to use the most are both useful and comfortable.