Renovating or coming up with a condo interior design in Singapore can be a difficult undertaking, which is why you'll need experienced counsel and guidance at every turn. The rules for upgrading a condominium differ significantly from those for renovating an HDB flat or a landed property.


For instance, most condos are built with small living space in mind and adding more decorations may make the interior space feel crowded. However, discarding all decorations may result in dull and boring condo interior design. The truth is that, regardless of the size of your condo, interior designers have the necessary skill sets to convert it into a work of art. Aegro Interior Studio is here to make your condo interior design as satisfying as it could get.



Condo interior design has a huge difference compared to other residential properties. As mentioned earlier, condos have small space that should be maximized to provide functionality and the design is often minimalist and modernistic. Aegro Interior Studio has been providing quality services for condo owners in Singapore. Check out our previous projects below:

Our Condo Interior Design

Aegro can transform your condo interior design into a reflection of your personal style. Our designers are ingenious, skilled, knowledgeable, and technically educated, among other things. Our interior design company’s service may be far broader than one may expect.


Consultancy services are frequently used to meet and understand the demands and preferences of clients in order to come up with distinctive design solutions. Then we show design plans in the form of 2D or 3D models as the next step. During the construction process, our interior design firm will also serve as a one-stop point of contact for everything. We have already established a contractor network in place for dependable and cost-effective materials as well as to ensure that the project is completed on time.


Finding the Best Condo Interior Designer

When you’re seeking a professional condo interior designer to help you realize your dream house, finding the right interior design company is vital. Besides serving as a consultant, an interior designer can give you expert advice on material and design options so you may make informed decisions that are within your budget.


When it comes to bespoke carpentry, material and color palettes, lighting design, and furniture selection, an interior designer can be extremely beneficial. You may need some guidance if you are unsure about the documentation involved in the condo repair. An interior designer also provides design ideas, permitting requests, and project management as part of their services. Aegro can help you with all of that, with our help, your dream condo interior design is at your reach!


Latest Condo Interior Design Ideas

The environment in which you live reflects who you are as a person. That is why, just as vital as having a roof over your head, making your condominium into a space that truly expresses your style and personality is. However, designing a condo unit is a difficult undertaking. Before getting the condo interior design of our desires, we must first deal with the style, motifs, budget restrictions, and permits.


The most prevalent condo interior design themes today range from contemporary, classic, and tropical, to eclectic designs, if you’re stuck for innovative ideas for home décor. When it comes  to color palette, patterns, lighting, layouts, and even window fittings, these condo interior design trends are all different.


Thus, it is very crucial for owners of condo units to come up with a style they wish to adopt or better yet, to hire a condo interior designer that can materialize the ideas for them.