Redefining Office and Corporate Interior Design

A functional and visually appealing office sets the tone for the business and tells a story about its professionalism and success. Creating a comfortable and inviting work environment with high aesthetic value for your employees can have a significant impact on employee morale and productivity.


At Aegro Interior Studio, we strive to create highly functional and comfortable offices that are suitable for both work and play. Our interior designers are well-trained professionals who can transform empty and boring office spaces into a pleasant working environment for business owners and their employees.


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The Importance of Corporate & Office Interior Design

When we think about an office, what comes to mind almost immediately are rows of identical desks with swivel chairs or partitions creating several cubicles. While this is often the case for offices in the past which somehow prevails up to this day, more and more corporate companies are starting to see office interior design as a way to boost productivity and employees’ morale. Thus, corporate interior design in Singapore is now being employed to make the office’s interior space more functional and aesthetically pleasing for its occupants.


Studies show that a well-lit, less crowded and more organized office can spark motivation and improve the work quality of a team. Moreover, having an updated corporate interior design is a good way to scientifically plan the workflow or traffic inside the office. A good office interior design can also leave a lasting impression on your visitors, clients and business partners.


The Anatomy of Good Corporate Office Interior Design

Just like any other interior designs, corporate interior design in Singapore is not a “one size fits all” solution. Moreover, contrary to many misconceptions, office interior design is not just about giving your workplace a more professional and aesthetically pleasing look. Although it is one of the factors, there are many considerations when choosing the best corporate office interior design for a specific company, some of which are as follows:

A company’s brand or identity is a crucial factor when coming up with the office interior design. The design, at least in its aesthetic side, must reflect the company’s brand. Most of the time, company colours are being employed in the design as well as some elements from the logo.

The corporate team’s nature is also important in drafting the design. A good corporate interior design should make the team more comfortable as well as facilitate a better workflow for them based on their personalities. For instance, a creative team will work better in an open layout office with creative murals or colours for walls. Meanwhile, a team of decision-makers or lawyers may prefer a more organized and old-fashioned style office.

The space within the office interior should also be considered since it will allow the number of elements that can be added to the office interior design. For instance, a spacious office can be converted into a common area with partitions to allow people to focus on their work while occupying the big space. While a small-space interior should be designed with minimal or multi-purpose equipment to help with space management.


Choosing the Best Office Interior Design Company

The interior designer will play an important role in materializing your dream workplace. Thus, it is crucial to learn how to choose the best office interior designer in Singapore. While there are many factors to consider when hiring an interior designer, we can give you some tips.


For one, you should try to opt for a corporate interior design company that has a proven track record of successful projects. This will guarantee that they can deliver on time and meet your expectations. A long-time interior design company also has a wide network of suppliers to make the deal more affordable and hassle-free for you. You may also read reviews, clients’ testimonials, magazine or blog features as well as ask your business partners for a company they recommend.


What’s Included in an Office Interior Design Service?

Should it be your first time getting an office interior design for your workplace, it can be really intriguing to know the nooks and crannies of the service. First, it is important to realize that interior design firms have various inclusions in their services. A good corporate interior design company may offer a complete package that includes consultation, 2D or 3D draft, implementation of the design, supplies, plumbing and electrical works as well as repairs.


Popular Office Interior Design Trends to Look Out For

Planning to get an office interior design soon? Should you have no particular style preference yet, it is good to consider the popular design trends for workplaces in Singapore. After all, these designs have proven to be efficient and effective in improving functionality in the office, not to mention that they are very aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of them:


We at Aegro Interior Studio aim to help every company and organization in getting the most appropriate corporate interior design for their team. Contact us today and start planning your dream office with us!


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