We produce and direct the construction or renovation of business spaces such as offices, retail, boutiques, food and beverage establishments, and more as commercial interior designers. Assisting our clients with material selections, layouts, space distribution, and interior wall arrangement, we also manage and direct all interactions among all connected specialists involved in the restaurant, bar or eatery interior design project when necessary.


Creating effective and proper space distribution inside your commercial premises is what commercial interior design in Singapore is all about: designing the decoration and themes to work around your area, as well as a huge chunk of architectural understanding. A good commercial interior design can make your workplace a better space for your employees and customers. Moreover, it will help you gain better brand recognition through incorporating your brand identity to your interior design.



As commercial interior designers in Singapore, we have managed to complete several projects ranging from offices to restaurant interior designs. With our recurring motto of listening to our clients’ preferences and needs, we are able to develop the most fitting eatery or bar interior design for our clients. Check out some of our previous works below:

Other Interior Design Ideas

Our Commercial Interior Design

From the conceptual stages and planning of your construction project, our commercial interior design team will begin delivering services. Our interior design firm will research and analyze possible layout with the intended utilisation in mind, as well as design ideas for the flooring, wall decoration and furniture selection.


In addition to completing the site inspection and obtaining exact measurements at the commercial space, our interior design company closely oversees the construction operations in accordance with drawings and requirements. After that, we begin brainstorming ideas for finishing details, furniture and color, as well as related products and areas that will fulfill the client’s expectations.


A Guide to Working with A Commercial Interior Designer

Partnering with a professional commercial interior designer in Singapore that specializes in restaurant interior design, eatery interior design, bar interior design and more, will be critical.


A professional team that has previously completed a variety of commercial interior design projects is a wonderful choice. You can be sure that they will understand what you’re asking them to do this way.


It’s also a good idea to plan out your commercial interior design budget. For instance, you can request accurate, detailed quotes after you know how much you’re comfortable spending for your bar interior design. These should split out the activities and materials into categories. Each one’s cost, as well as the terms of execution, should be explicitly stated.


Because it will provide you a clearer understanding of the strategy the respective commercial interior design team plans to take toward project execution, the first consultation is critical to your success.


Don’t be scared to ask questions when you bring the experts into the office. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a list of questions ahead of time so you don’t forget anything crucial in the heat of the moment.


While having a concept of what you’re searching for is helpful, you should keep an open mind and seek advice from the professionals you’re considering. This is the only way to ensure that you receive a good commercial interior design that will improve your company’s performance.


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