Behind every commercial space is a brand. Whether you intend for your interior design to convey your brand message, visitors to your establishment will immediately form an impression of your business once they step through the door. 


If you want your business to operate at its maximum potential and reach the widest audience, it is vital for you to pay attention to commercial interior design and its role in shaping your brand message.


Why is it essential for your commercial space to represent your brand?


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Every location where your customer interacts with your brand, be it in a retail shop or an office, leaves an impression on them. So if your commercial space is designed with little to no regard for your branding, you are wasting a significant opportunity to shape consumers’ perception of your brand experience. 


After all, having a cohesive brand experience is crucial if you want your customers to view your brand as a reliable and credible business. And the design elements that comprise your commercial space, such as the layout, decor, and architecture, all play a vital role in reinforcing your brand identity. 


How are interior design and branding related?


There are undoubtedly numerous factors you need to consider when you go about crafting the brand of your business – and this includes how your brand is reflected in the interior design of your establishment. Remember! Your brand is more than just a logo. 


So when you are consulting an interior design firm about the designs of your commercial space, brand consistency is something you definitely need to keep in mind. Replicating subtle elements of your brand, such as colours and finishes, in your commercial interior design can help your customers feel comfortable and drawn to your establishment. 


Conversely, if your commercial space is not cohesive with your brand, the entire image and customer experience could fall apart. So it is crucial for you to engage an experienced interior designer who can incorporate design elements – like lighting and layout techniques – that evoke familiarity between your brand and your business into your commercial space.


How to ensure the interior design of your commercial space reflects your brand?


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Now that you have an understanding of the importance of interior branding, you might be wondering how you can accomplish this feat for your business. Well, we are here to help! Let us outline how you can bring your brand into the physical space. 


Tip #1: Consider your brand pillars


Brand pillars are the touchpoints of your business. They represent the values your company embodies daily. Understanding your brand pillars can help you determine how to approach your commercial interior design


For example, is your brand vibrant and energetic? Or do the adjectives modern and sleek better describe your business? As you begin to think of the best words to describe your brand, specific images will pop up in your mind, giving you a better idea of how to design your establishment. 


Tip #2: Create an interior mood board


After you have decided on your brand pillars, it helps to create an interior mood board to visually represent your brand image. The mood board can convey a general idea of your brand to your interior design firm


With this board, the interior designer has a firm idea of how to approach the design of your commercial space. It can also help you decide on your furniture choices and lighting fixtures, ensuring everything aligns with your brand. 


Tip #3: Determine your budget


The cost of your commercial interior design can vary depending on the scope of your project. As such, it is vital for you to determine your budget and consult your interior designer on whether your plan is feasible. Doing so can help you understand if you should tweak your budget or compromise on certain ideas. 


Tip #4: Map out the floor plan


It is advisable to prepare a detailed floor plan of your commercial space to show your interior designer. Not only does a good floor plan help your designer to envision the space, thus allowing them to have a firm idea of how to approach the design, but it also allows you to understand the right furniture pieces to purchase and where to place them for maximum comfort. 


Tip #5: Refine and execute your plan


Even after you have finalised the details of your commercial interior design with your designer, it is still advisable to regularly check back with your interior mood board to ensure everything aligns with your plan. 


Do the furniture pieces match your brand image? Does the design align with your brand pillars? If the answer is yes and you have room in your budget, you can start looking at how you can refine your ideas by adding additional things that complement your interior branding. 


At Aegro Interior Studio, our interior design company understands that the environmental design space is an essential element of a brand experience. As such, our team will listen attentively to your needs to understand your brand image so that we can develop a design that embodies the vibe and values of your business. Do not hesitate to contact us today for all your commercial interior design needs!