Thinking about getting the keys to your long-awaited house is exciting but before officially moving in, choosing the right interior design company to spruce up your abode is vital. At the same time, this seemingly simple task can be challenging too – especially for first-time homeowners.


Well, there is no need to fret as this step-by-step guide to choosing an interior design company in Singapore will help you make informed decisions.


1. Do intensive research


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The very first thing most homeowners do when searching for an interior design company is to surf the net to look for suitable ones, just like any other person before making a big purchase. However, it can get confusing with so many options available so make sure you ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your selections:


  • How much experience does the interior designer or company have? 

While there are many up-and-coming interior designers and companies in Singapore, one thing for sure is that the ones with longer years of experience will be able to guide you through the entire process of home renovations more efficiently. Their expertise and knowledge gained will be extra beneficial to first-time homeowners who do not know much about renovating a house. 


  • What style does the interior designer or company specialise in? 

Most interior design companies in Singapore are able to deliver a wide variety of styles, such as minimalist, contemporary and Scandinavian. Nevertheless, each designer or company tends to have its own style and strengths – which is why it is necessary to look out for what they specialise in so you get a better idea of what they can do for you. 


  • Are the reviews generally positive?

Looking at reviews is also a good way to find out more about an interior design company’s service and past works. Word-of-mouth recommendations through friends and family is also a strong tool to help you condense your choices. After all, our homes’ interior design will stay with us for years to come, so it is only natural to want the best. 


2. Prepare your floor plan


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Now that you have choices listed down, it is time to ask for quotes for comparison. All interior design services start off with a no-obligation consultation where you provide your floor plan so as to get a clearer idea of the measurements and layout of your home. You can purchase your home’s floor plan via the HDB website and either send a digital copy or print out a physical copy for your interior designer to refer to. 


3. Have a brief idea of what style you want to go for


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Next, explain to the interior designer what style you are going for. If you have no idea, providing screenshots of examples is also one of the ways to kickstart the creative process. You will also need to provide information such as hacking of walls and overlaying of tiles as all of these add to the overall cost. 


4. Compare quotes


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Most interior designers take a few days to a week to come up with a quote. We recommend waiting till you receive all the quotes from the different interior design companies you consulted with, before making a comparison. Keep in mind that you should go down the list one by one and not just look at the total cost. It is also important to note that going for the cheapest quote does not mean you get the best deal, since that probably means more affordable materials are being used. 


5. Shortlist your choices

You will most probably be deciding between one or two choices by this point. This is the time to consult with the interior designers for any add-ons or changes, before asking for a finalised quote. One of the key things to check at this juncture is the renovation timeline. Typically, most interior designers ask for 6 to 10 weeks but if you have any special requests or an urgent timeline, then it is best to let them know before proceeding. 


6. Decide on your chosen interior design company


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Last but not the least, make your choice based on a comfortable budget and timeline. The style, materials used and contract details should be taken into consideration too. 

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