An office interior design is as important as a home’s, as it is where the majority of your and your employees’ time will be spent. 


In fact, strategic corporate interior design has been proven to increase employee productivity and satisfaction, as well as branding – think Google, Netflix, Facebook and more. 


If you want your office to look more than just a place to work in and somewhere your employees look forward to coming into every day, then these five popular office interior design themes in Singapore are the ones to consider. 


1. Contemporary


workplace office interior design singapore


One of the tried and tested interior design themes for offices is contemporary – the use of simple and sophisticated textures, colours and lines. The main aim is to create something that will stand the test of time. 


Colours like black, white and neutrals such as beige and grey are all perfect complements. Pair geometric patterns and different materials together but soften everything with plenty of fabrics like carpets. 


Contemporary interior design gives off sleek and professional vibes – great if these are the impressions your business wants to give off.


2. Industrial chic


industrial chic interior design company singapore


Industrial chic is the next big thing, especially in office interior design. The unique method of incorporating old meets new is becoming increasingly well-loved because it is full of character while being functional since durable materials like bricks and aluminium are used. 


Go for wide-open spaces, high ceilings, metal accents and neutral colours in a deeper hue, such as terracotta, tan and grey. 


The open space concept encourages communication and collaboration too – improving company culture to bring the business forward as a team. 


3. Biophilic design


nature interior design company singapore


Certainly less heard of but not entirely unknown, biophilic design is a concept to increase one’s connection with the natural environment, using either direct or indirect nature. This is one of the many successful ways to improve employees’ creativity, mental health and work productivity. 


There are a few tips to consider when it comes to integrating biophilic design into an office interior design theme:

  • Let fresh air in by having windows that are easy to open
  • Maximise natural light by doing away with curtains or blinds in certain areas
  • Incorporate plants in more areas of the office
  • Use as many natural materials as possible in interior design, such as wood, rattan and stone
  • Use the colours of nature like green, brown, cream and more


4. Modern


modern office interior design singapore


If the office interior design themes mentioned above did not catch your attention, perhaps a modern theme would. Although “modern” is a broad term, it can be understood as using mainly monochromatic colour palettes, clean lines and minimalism. 


This is another interior design theme that will probably never go out of style, as it is relatively easy to achieve. 


Choose colours such as white, brown and black, then include an accent shade such as gold to spruce it up. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so select furniture that uses a natural colour palette and clean-looking designs. 


5. Scandinavian


table and 4 chairs interior design company singapore


Scandinavian is a popular interior design theme for homes but can be brought into the office too. Practicality and function are at the forefront of the Scandinavian-style theme, so this is something to take note of when getting furniture for the office. 


Use lots of wood and light, neutral colours to create airy spaces that are the total opposite of stifling office environments. 


Including steel, brass or copper accents is also a good way to make the office appear more luxe-looking while still retaining its comfortable vibes. 


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