HDBs in Singapore have been getting smaller as time passes by, resulting in more homeowners finding themselves struggling to create their dream home with the limited space. 


But this is also where interior design comes into play as the tips and tricks designers accumulated over the years have been proven to be useful in making a small HDB look bigger than it actually is. 


So if you are dealing with space constraints too in your current home or new abode that you are about to move into, taking these interior design ideas into consideration may be useful. Read on to find out more. 


1. Replace walls with partitions


Glass partition in HDB flat design in singapore


One of the best ways to create more space in your home is to hack away walls for an open concept. However, if you are not a big fan of open concept designs, replacing walls with partitions may be a good choice. 


For instance, a popular HDB interior design idea is to replace the top half of a wall with glass partitions to make your home look spacious while still demarcating the different areas like your living room from your study room. 


Using sliding doors as partitions instead of walls so that you can leave them open to make your house look bigger, but still be able to close them for privacy when needed, is also recommended. 


2. Opt for light-coloured carpentry


interior design ideas in singapore


Built-in carpentry works are an HDB interior design trend that will stay for years to come. They are well-favoured thanks to the wide range of laminates to choose from and can help to hide clutter away for a neater and more aesthetically pleasing house. 


While darker colours for your carpentry works have benefits such as being more resistant to dirt and stains, lighter-coloured ones will make your house look less stifling and appear more spacious-looking. 


Go for neutral colours that are sophisticated to achieve an aesthetic that is easy on the eye and will stand the test of time. 


3. Choose floor-to-ceiling shelves


Cabinets from floor to ceiling


Making use of vertical space to emphasise height will give the illusion of a bigger house and this can be easily done by ensuring your carpentry works such as cabinets and shelves touch the ceiling down to the floor. This is a great design idea for HDBs in Singapore since space constraint is usually a concern while height is not. 


The same theory applies to your windows too – opt for floor-to-ceiling curtains instead of blinds that end halfway down the wall. 


4. Install more mirrors


Full-length mirrors in the living room design company in singapore


Mirrors are not just functional items that allow you to check yourself out before leaving the house. They can be used as decorative items too and can help to make a house look bigger! The concept behind this HDB interior design idea is that because mirrors reflect, they give the illusion of your house looking double its size. 


Consider full-length mirrors in your living room for the best effect. 


5. Purchase furniture with minimal legroom


Furniture with minimal legroom interior design ideas in singapore


Not only can furniture with minimal legroom help to make your house look bigger and less crowded, it also means less dust will trap beneath them


Hence, when purchasing furniture, go for those with minimal legroom to amplify the living space in your house. 


Convinced to incorporate one of two of these suggestions into your next home? Consider Aegro Interior! We are an interior design company founded in 2007 in Singapore and have amassed a team of trustworthy contractors and creative interior designers over the years that will do their best to help you achieve what you want. 


It is time to wow your guests with your new HDB that looks a lot bigger than it actually is with these tips! Contact us today.