That moment of euphoria when you step into your new home doubles when the interior design looks exactly like what you have always dreamed of and that is how important of a role it plays. 


However, if you have no idea what to go for, jumping on the bandwagon by incorporating some trends may help since they have been tried and tested to work. 


Here are five HDB interior design trends in Singapore that will stand the test of time to take inspiration from. 


1. Cosy nook


outside view singapore hdb design


Your humble abode is the one and only place for you to unwind and relax in after a long day so making it as comfortable as possible is key. To do so, simply section space in your home to transform it into a cosy nook to sit back and relax in. 


One of the more popular ideas is incorporating a bay window with a seating area that can be used as a reading corner or just to chill in. Be sure to include built-in shelves to display your knick-knacks to make full use of the space. 


Another way is to transform your balcony into a seating area by building a platform. For instance, if you are going for the minimalist Japanese style, then including a tatami seating style will be the perfect complement to the rest of your home. 


2. Island tabletop 


island table home interior design singapore


Island tabletops are no longer reserved just for use in the kitchen. More and more homeowners have been doubling it up as a dining table too, by extending it out into the living room, especially in smaller HDB homes. This takes away the need for an extra dining table – giving you ample space for other furniture. 


Use it to prepare meals or transform it into a bar by including bar stools and you will have a stylish place to host gatherings to your heart’s content. 


3. Home office


workplace hdb interior design singapore


As much as we would like to separate work from life, work-from-home arrangements have been the default ever since the pandemic – which leaves us with no choice but to try our best to achieve work-life balance. Thankfully, having a home office may just resolve the problem and many seem to agree as we have been seeing more of them in HDB interior design.


This will be a segregated space for you to work in while the rest of your home stays as a place for you to forget about work and loosen up in. To make it aesthetically pleasing though, hack away walls to make your house look bigger and use glass as partitions for a more seamless look. 


4. Wabi-sabi design


rustic home interior design singapore


Wabi-sabi (not to be confused with wasabi) is taking over the minimalist home interior design trend and we are not complaining! It is a Japanese term that essentially means finding beauty in imperfection and embracing authenticity. If you love rustic interior designs with a touch of calmness, then this may just be the one for you. 


Here are some ways to nail the wabi-sabi interior design theme:

  • Choose a neutral colour palette
  • Go for natural materials that age well and accept the signs of wear and tear
  • Keep things simple


5. Fluted panels feature wall


wood panels interior design company singapore


Another trendy HDB interior design idea is to use fluted panels to create a feature wall for the TV console. These fluted panels usually come in a few versatile colours and some even have wood patterns that will easily fit into my interior design. 


It is also great for hiding the unsightly parts of your house, such as the bomb shelter door. You can even use it to disguise your room door by having it on an entire wall!


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