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Commercial Interior Design Services in Singapore

Exceptional Interior Design Services

For us here at Aegro Interior Studio, interior design must go beyond aesthetics. To us, aesthetics is a by-product when functionality, identity and style are combined. Thus, no two rooms or interiors should embody the same design. Our interior design services are meant to recreate spaces into functional space that reflects the identity of a homeowner, a brand or a team. We take into account several things to provide you with the best possible interiors for your home or business in Singapore.


Our interior design services cover everything from planning to sourcing materials and executing the plan. Thus, waving you all the hassles of collaborating with different service providers. We are keeping a network of reliable suppliers to give our clients the best output they can wish for. Building a space that allows comfort and reflects your unique qualities is what Aegro is all about!

Aegro Interior provides a one-stop solution to your design, space planning and renovation needs. Founded in 2007, we specialise in commercial projects, condominium interior design and HDB interior design. We provide superior residential and commercial interior design services in Singapore.


Our full range of interior design services include:

  • Interior Design & Build – We don’t just draft designs, we put them to life with our building services.
  • In-house Electrical Works – Part of our services is to secure your home’s electrical system as we transform the space.
  • In-house Plumbing and Sanitary Works – with in-house plumbing services, we can incorporate the plumbing system into the design
  • Painting
  • Carpentry
  • Reinstatement Works


We turn dream concepts into real spaces through a thorough understanding of clients’ needs and preferences. Here at Aegro Interior Studio, our clients’ inputs are highly regarded. It is not an “our way or highway” type of interior design service. We listen to our client’s preferences and determine their needs in order to come up with a design that they can feel at home with. Therefore, there will be no need for you to feel intimidated or anxious about disclosing your plans with us. See our previous projects to get a glimpse of how we inspire our works with the clients’ stories and specific needs.

As an interior design company in Singapore, Aegro Interior Studio takes pride in the designs we deliver. As much as we love solving space and functionality problems for homes, offices and commercial spaces, each and every project we handle means a lot to us. Browse the compilations of our previous designs and be inspired here!

Understanding Interior Designing in Singapore

Even in the earliest civilizations, beauty plays an important role in mankind’s daily lives. We seek beauty in everything that we do, even in building our own abode. From the facade to the interior, you can see how houses are decorated over the years to satisfy the people’s thirst for aesthetics. Decorating our homes creates a pleasant feeling to us that we adopted this practice even in managing our businesses. The constant need for a beautiful atmosphere created the demand for interior design services in Singapore.

Interior design is a scientific and artistic practice of modifying a living space to make it more livable, more functional and more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.


Interior Designers: The Minds Behind the Design

Since interior design services have become a staple need by many people in Singapore and islandwide, a profession that offers these services emerged. Interior designers are professionals who have mastered the art and science of manipulating space and elements to build beautiful and livable interiors.

An interior designer offers services including consultation, designing, 3D mock-up preparation, site inspection, coordinating with third parties, project management and more. Depending on the interior design firm, these services may be present or outsourced. This is why finding a firm that offers complete interior design services is crucial to save time and money.


The Cost of Engaging a Professional Interior Designer

Many are discouraged to hire a professional interior designer in Singapore due to the hear-say that their services cost a fortune. Thus, it is crucial to dig deeper into this matter to learn whether getting interior design services for your home is practical or not. Firstly, we must understand the components of what you pay when hiring an interior designer.

More often than not, there are two things you are paying for when engaging the help of a designer, the service fee and the cost of materials. The service fee is for the interior design services being offered by the firm or the designer, the consultation, site inspection, layout designing, building and managing the project. When the interior design firm doesn’t have an in-house team of builders, electrical engineers and plumbers, you will have to pay for these service providers apart from the quotation from the firm.

The remaining portion of the price is for the materials that will be used to build your design to life. It helps to find reputable interior design firms as they often have a network of suppliers that offer raw materials for discounted prices.

It is also different when we are talking about interior decorators. These professionals are often engaged by homeowners to enhance the aesthetic qualities of their interiors. Most of the time, they will not advise renovations or additions. The interior design services they offer are often limited to refurbishments or adding elements to a living space. Thus, it is often that the cost of hiring a decorator is lower than getting the help of a full-fledged interior designer.

We at Aegro Interior Studio believe that our designs are our pride as an interior design company in Singapore. As much as we love solving space and functionality problems for homes, offices and commercial spaces, each and every project we handle means a lot to us. Like a parent watching their children’s milestones, we compile our previous designs for you to see!


Transform dream concepts into real spaces